Choosing a yearbook printer can be a daunting task. You likely have a list of all the things you’re looking to find in a yearbook company. It might look like this:

1. Good Printing
2. Quality Bindery
3. User friendly software
4. Affordable
5. Nice Turn-Around Times
6. Great Customer service

In this day and age every yearbook company has great printing capabilities and quality bindery. Most companies will also be competitive in pricing so you won’t have an issue finding an affordable solution.

Not every company offers user-friendly software. Ask them if they’ll show you a demo of the software before you agree to use their services. Make sure it’s something that YOU feel is user friendly.

Once you’ve seen the software, you might want to ask what kind of support they offer with the software. Customer service is key. Most companies will offer unlimited help, but that doesn’t mean it will be quality help. How many years of experience does the person helping you have? How many yearbooks have they helped publish? It’s easy to hire warm bodies to try and help you out, its another thing to hire an expert with years of experience in the yearbook industry.

Once you’ve determined everything else fits your criteria, make sure your yearbook will arrive on time. You might want to ask the company how many yearbooks they delivered late last year or required expedited shipping. Make sure the deadlines they set for you fit YOUR yearbook timeline. It’s hard to submit 50% of your book when the activities haven’t even happened yet.

Your yearbook should be a fun and exciting. Choosing the correct yearbook company can make that happen.

Feel free to contact Premier Yearbooks with any questions you may have.


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